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Getting around town

Prime will provide ONE group transportation for your club from the airport to your hotel and return (hotel to airport).   All other transportation (including those who are traveling different times from your club, those traveling from the hotel to the competition venue and for sightseeing) is your personal responsibility.

Singapore offers one of the best public transportation around the world through an amazing network of buses, trains and taxis.  Here are some tips to help you find your way around our great city.


The city’s major cab companies are:Taxis are plentiful and reasonably priced in Singapore. You should be able to hail a cab without any problems in most parts of Singapore. It is always best to get a cab from one of the numerous taxi stands in Singapore – hotels and shopping centre taxi stands are a sure bet. If you are looking for chartered transportation, no problem. Take a look below for our trusted friends.

Comfort / City Cab – Ph: (65) 65521111

Maxi Cab – Ph: (65) 6535 3534

Premier Taxi – Ph: (65) 6578 8880

SMRT Taxis: (65) 6555 8888

SMART : (65) 6485 7777

Transcab: (65) 6555 3333

Coach Transport

YEAP Transport

Contact person: Chris Tan

Contact No: 6360 6770 or 9296 6189

Email address:


Probably the fastest way to get around Singapore besides taxis. Besides being one of the
cleanest transport systems in the world, the MRT provides scenic views of our heartland and city areas, with great access to almost every part of Singapore. You can download the train route map from and use it to navigate your way around our island.

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