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SG Child Safe Sport Commitment

Prime Gymnastics joins Singapore Gymnastics in keeping children and young people safe from abuse and neglect.

Coaches' Code of Conduct

For Coaches, Volunteer coaches and Officials

Health and Safety

Prime Gymnastics Club has a firm commitment to providing a safe environment for all gymnasts by:


  • Following the accident reporting process

  • Advising parents of any accident or injury

  • Taking all complaints or signs of injury seriously, no matter how minor, and immediately address

  • Providing gymnasts with suitable post-injury training programs that enable them to continue training

  • Ensuring gymnasts carry out suitable and effective warm ups and cool downs to help prepare for lessons and prevent injury

  • Ensuring that all activities are appropriate to age, ability and experience, and that gymnasts are suitably prepared physically and mentally for skills 

  • Ensuring that gymnasts receive the appropriate level of support to assist them in skill development and prevent injury

  • Supervising all gymnasts under the coach’s charge during training 

  • Ensuring that all gymnasts under the coach’s charge are collected by their respective caregivers at the end of the lesson and are not left alone unsupervised

Welfare and Development

Prime Gymnastics Club strives to provide consistently high standard coaching methods and we aim to support positive and effective coach-gymnast relationships that will help build motivation, development, overall well-being, self-confidence and love of the sport by:


  • Providing positive reinforcement and encouragement 

  • Providing clear and concise instructions to gymnasts

  • Providing constructive criticism which will aid the gymnasts’ learning 

  • Praising in public, constructive criticism individually

  • Encouraging gymnasts to be their best and to view success as striving for victory through commitment, effort and teamwork

  • Being fair, considerate and consistent in their coaching, and treating all gymnasts with equal attention and respect, regardless of ability level 

  • Acknowledging that each gymnast is unique and that coaches must be flexible in how they approach situations and adjust their style accordingly

  • Communicating clear and reasonable expectations and behavioural guidelines to the gymnasts


Employees of Prime Gymnastics Club maintain a high level of professionalism by:


  • Displaying competence and demonstrating sound judgment and effective problem-solving skills

  • Acting with integrity

  • Being effective communicators

  • Being respectful to others 

  • Being considerate, empathetic and courteous

  • Having a positive attitude

  • Being a team-player and working co-operatively with others

  • Following instructions and guidelines from Head Coaches, Coordinators

  • Showing commitment to their role as well as to the Club and gymnasts

  • Taking personal accountability for their role and actions

  • Being committed to their professional development

  • Creating an atmosphere conductive to learning

  • Always being reasonable in demands on gymnast time, energy and enthusiasm

  • Accepting decisions of all judges and officials as being fair and made to the best of their ability.  Not raising issues of disagreement publicly 

  • Showing good sportsmanship at all times

  • Not being under the influence of alcohol or drugs at work

  • Not physically manhandling gymnasts

  • Not verbally abusing or degrading gymnasts

Coaches' Code of Conduct
Gymnasts' Code of Conduct
SG Child Safe Sport Commitment

Gymnasts' Code of Conduct

As a member of Prime Gymnastics Club I agree to abide by the following Club rules: 


  • I will show respect to all coaches, judges, officials and other gymnasts


  • I will follow my coach’s instructions, asking questions if unclear


  • I will be committed to my training programme, as agreed with my coach 


  • I will respect fellow Club members by providing support and encouragement


  • I will be a positive role model for other gymnasts and my Club


  • I will show good sportsmanship at all times


  • I will not use bad or inappropriate language


  • I will always try to approach training with a positive attitude, and be the best gymnast that I can be


  • I will be punctual to training and competitions


  • I will take care of and be respectful towards the Club’s equipment and facility, including my personal area


  • I will immediately tell my coach if I injure myself


  • I will wear suitable clothing for training and events as instructed by my coach or Club officials. I will keep long hair tied back (if necessary) and remove jewellery before the beginning of a session 


  • I will set a good example and refrain from drinking fizzy drinks and eating unhealthy snacks immediately before or during training


  • I will not use the equipment without a coach’s permission


  • When attending competitons or events I will participate within the rules and respect other gymnasts, coaches, judges, officials and their decisions


  • I will always try to be mindful of the impact my words and actions can have on others. At Prime any form of bullying is unacceptable


  • I will always show awarness and respect for cultural and religious differences

Parents' Code of Conduct

Parents' Code of Conduct

Prime encourages parents to provide the necessary support:


  • Always encourage and praise your child’s efforts without ridiculing, criticizing or punishing mistakes

  • Be your child’s biggest fan and greatest supporter

  • Acknowledge the right of your child to develop to their potential in an environment that emphasizes personal growth, participation and enjoyment

  • Be a parent, not a coach

  • Encourage children to participate if they are interested, don’t force them

  • Focus on your child’s effort and perseverance, regardless of the outcome 

  • Show respect and appreciation for all coaches, judges and administrators while encouraging your child to do the same

  • Share concerns, complaints or feedback through the approved channels (coach, coordinator, manager, president, committee)

  • Accept all decisions of judges and officials as being fair and made to the best of their ability. Do not raise issues of disagreement publicly 

  • Demonstrate self-control at the gym and during competitions

  • Show respect and awareness for all cultural and religious differences

  • Ensure that your child arrives to class on time and is collected promptly at the end of their training session or make appropriate arrangements, including notifying the coach 

  • Ensure the coach is informed of any issues which may effect your child’s training

  • Never enter the gym during training sessions without prior agreement from the coach or Club manager

  • Show consideration, respect and mindfulness when classes are in progress by not being disruptive to those classes

  • Be mindful any time taken to communicate with coaches during class time is unfair on the rest of the gymnasts from the same class. Be considerate and communicate before or after class, or during break time

  • Advise your child’s coach in advance of any holidays or other commitments that may affect their training 

  • Pay all fees and associated costs promptly

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