Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drop off my child(ren) for classes and pick them up later?

Prime is not equipped to supervise children before or after classes. Parents are advised to stay on-site during their child’s class, if they feel their child is more comfortable with your presence. Our second floor is equipped as the parent waiting and viewing area. Otherwise, please ensure to drop off when the instructor is present and to be back at the gym at least 5 min before class ends to collect your child.

Do you offer make-ups classes?

No, we do not offer make-up classes unless you have a valid medical certification which indicates that the student is unable to participate in any kind of sports. In which case, we will try our best to offer the make-up classes timing to your convenience. However, failing which, we will not be refunding you for the missed class.

Why is there a $60 registration fee?

We encourage consistency in attendance over the years, as the benefits of any educational program come from long term involvement.

Why is there a $25 annual membership fee?

Prime Gymnastics club is a not for profit organization, under the Registry of Society. As such, we need to implement membership fee for all families who are a part of this club. As a member, you will be entitle to the Early Bird Discount (EBD) and any camp & event organised by the Club.

Can both of my kids attend the same class at the same time?

The placement of your children depends on their individual age and skill level. More often than not, siblings will not be placed in the same class because of age differences. We will try our best to offer you classes where you can bring both of your kids on a single day.

Will you notify or remind me on the Early Bird Fee deadline?

Yes. We use multiple communication media to put up notices to inform you of the deadline. Do check the notice board, Facebook and our webpage often for news that are important to know. Early bird fee can be paid anytime before term ends.

Will my child's fees be prorated if he/she joins midway through a class?

The fees will be prorated if he/she joins during the term. 

Can my child's fees be prorated if we are away on holiday?

We give every family the option to prorate the fees once per calendar year up to four weeks if you are away for an extended period of time.

Is there sibling discount?

To support families with more than one child, we offer 10% discount from the gymnast with the lowest rate.